An indsutrial area.


Safer and more efficient workflows.

Increasing terminal capacity

Manually-operated rail infrastructure can make industrial processes overly long and complicated. The pace of production is affected as even the smallest operational moves become a major production. Automation can help rail-served industrial terminals in a variety of ways:

  • By preventing unnecessary safety risks to your employees
  • Save time and increase the rate of production
  • Increase terminal capacity, eliminating bottlenecks caused by manual processes
A freight train in a train yard.

Tailored solutions for your needs

We have a wealth of experience working in agriculture, coal, mining, oil/gas and automotive industries. With that in mind, we can plan and implement your automation project - no matter how complex the operation appears.

Off-the-shelf SaaS solutions

Many of our customers, especially those without dedicated IT and operational teams, take advantage of our Software-as-a-Service delivery model. This offers the same rich capability and easy-to-use administration - but with significant savings.

Remote Control & Routing

Remote control switches and other assets allow for quick and easy train routing through yards or terminals. This increases both the efficiency and safety of an operation. Because rather than relying on a worker to enter potentially dangerous track space and manually throw each device, an entire route can be lined instantly with the push of a button. Scalable, configurable and safe.

Multiple freight trains.