A shipping port.

Ports and international

Transferring containers safely and on schedule.

Technology that thrives through demand

Above all else, transferring containers and cars must be timely, efficient, and safe. And it’s down to intermodal rail operators to reduce dwell times between container arrivals at the port and their placement on departure trains. So in order to cope with increased demand, rising intermodal shipping volumes require a different approach.

Industrial trains at a port.

Technology that thrives through demands

Terminals are limited to their real estate and their physical capacity cannot be easily expanded. Thats’ why Rail automation is the key. It can help by:

  • eliminating the bottlenecks that are caused by manual processes
  • increasing terminal capacity in a safe and efficient manner

At RailComm, we understand that every operation’s different. That’s why we’ll work with you to plan your automation project, ensuring you realize all of its operational benefits when going live.