Software-based rail automation solutions

Innovative solutions for freight, passenger and transit railroads. With RailComm, you can monitor, analyze and control your key assets with ease.

RailComm, a Tracsis company, has a wide base of global installations and a wealth of software-centric applications

Our Solutions

Our innovative software solutions include positive train control, yard automation, computer-aided dispatching, smart monitoring and analytics. Plus, with a variety of packages to meet your requirements you can count on us for technical support. Learn how our products and services can benefit your operation here:

Solving a million-dollar problem

Thousands of cars are moved every day on the US rail network's 140,000 miles of track. But malfunction of mainline switches and other faulty infrastructure affects the entire rail system.

This costs millions of dollars annually on unplanned delays and repairs.

Technology in action

Yard switch heater and remote control - Amtrak Chicago

The primary objective of this project was to modernize Chicago's Union Station, a facility that was dated in technology and struggled to manage the traffic volumes that were required.

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Heater control for switch and ballast - Path

The primary objective of this project was to provide a wireless remote heater control system for the Port Authority Trans-Hundson’s Harrison Yard in New Jersey.

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